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Android sample app

Android sample app written in Kotlin

Load Tester

Spawn up to 200 different avatars into the same scene to see how it affects the performance of the scene.

Netcode & multiplayer

Unity project that uses Netcode and Ready Player Me Unity SDK to demonstrate working example of a multiplayer.

Swift example

This example showcases running Ready Player Me avatar creator website inside a native iOS application using WKWebview.

React Native Webview

This example showcases embedding Ready Player Me avatar creator as a WebView to React Native mobile applications and retrieving the URL to the 3D model of the avatar.

Unreal Engine
Lyra Sample Project

Sample project which adds Ready Player Me avatars to Unreal Lyra example

Unity Vuplex

Unity project that uses the paid Vuplex Web Browser plugin to run the Ready Player Me Avatar creator and load the Ready Player Me Avatar into the application at runtime.

Unreal Engine
Avatar Preloading

Demonstrates how to preload Ready Player Me avatars while showing a loading screen, and spawn number of preloaded avatars instantly.

Unreal Engine
Create 2D images

demonstrates how to render the ReadyPlayerMe avatars in the 2D space, to create images or 2D Animations.

Unreal Engine
Facial tracking with Live Link

Demonstrates how to use the Live Link plugin to apply facial tracking and animations onto a ReadyPlayerMe Avatar.

Unreal Engine

Demonstrates how to add ReadyPlayerMe avatars to a multiplayer game that requires replication in regards to avatar and mesh loading for multiple game clients.

Unreal Engine
Web Browser

Demonstrates the use of the Unreal Engine Web Browser module (and Web Browser Widget) to embed the ReadyPlayerMe Web Avatar Creator inside an application to create a seamless integration.

Unreal Engine
Custom Avatar Creator

Demonstrates the use of the Ready Player Me Custom Avatar Creator open-source plugin. The plugin is an in-engine implementation of the web avatar creator.

Unreal Engine
Animation Retargeting

Example demonstrates the animation retargeting from the UE5 Mannequin to ReadyPlayerMe avatar, and creating a controllable character.