Effective from November 28, 2023

Ready Player Me OÜ, registry code: 12583780, registered at Pärnu, Pardi st 2d, 80015, the Republic of Estonia (“RPM”, we”, us or our”), is the owner and operator of the Ready Player Me platform (“Platform”).


1.1. Cookies are files with small amount of data which are stored on the device of the user (“User” or you”) when visiting the Platform.

1.2. Cookies remember your actions and preferences and thereby enable us (as the operator and manager of the Platform) to provide the best possible experience when you visit the Platform. Without the cookies, the full functionality of the Platform may be unavailable.

1.3. This cookie policy (“Policy”) applies to the usage of the cookies used by us within the Platform – whether you visit the Platform at our website or via any of our developer’s application (“Developer” and “Developer’s Application”). However, this Policy does not apply to any cookies used by any of our Developer at its Developer’s Application


2.1. In general, we use cookies to make your experience at the Platform as smooth and convenient as possible and to maintain the functionality of the Platform. In addition, we use cookies to analyse the usage of the Platform, improve it and fix any issues. To be more specific, we use:

     a)Strictly Necessary Cookies. These cookies are essential in order to enable you to use the Platform. The information collected by these cookies is related to the basic operation of the Platform, for example, to enable the secure https connection between you and us. It is not possible to use the Platform without these cookies. These cookies are deleted every time when you close your web browser.

       b)Functionality Cookies. These cookies (e.g. session cookies) enable the Platform to remember choices you make and recognize you between sessions. For example, these cookies remember the last avatar you created at the Platform, so you can come back later to view and modify it. These cookies are stored until you delete these cookies (or maximum of three months).

       c)Analytical Cookies. In order to improve user experience at the Platform, evaluate the performance of the content and fix technical issues or errors, we use analytical cookies, including from third parties, such as Google Analytics, Olvy and Amplitude. These cookies collect information such as the number of visits or returning visits to the Platform and are used to generate aggregate data. Such cookies may track your activity on the internet via online identifiers. Depending on the type of the cookie it can be stored for days, months or years. More information about Google Analytics is available at and, more information about Olvy is available at and more information about Amplitude is available at

       d)Cookies of Third-Party Widgets. The Platform displays content from third-party websites and includes links to  third-party websites, such as Twitter and LinkedIn (and other sites, if made available). Such third-party websites may place its cookies to your device when visiting the Platform. For example, if you are logged into Twitter then Twitter may set cookies, e.g. session cookies to remember your session at Twitter. More information about such third-party cookies can be found on that third-party’s website (Twitter -; LinkedIn -

Information about the principles and practices regarding processing personal data can be found at our Privacy Policy here


3.1. You have the following rights:
       a) refuse the use of cookies by not giving consent or by withdrawing the consent;
       b) refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on the browser;
       c) delete the cookies already stored on your device.

3.2. However, the Strictly Necessary Cookies are used in any case without your consent because the usage of the Platform is not possible without them. Usage of the Platform without any other cookies is possible but, in such case, the full functionality of the Platform may not be available.

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