Unity SDK 6.0 supporting new bodytype for XR and avatar creator improvements

New Features:

  • Introducing Elements: An abstraction layer of the API makes it easy to create your very own custom avatar editing experience. Change the environment, put sound effects to it, and make it your unique experience.
  • The SDK supports a new bodytype “fullbody-xr”. It is the “fullbody” avatar, but with a different rig, adding additional twist bones and a better hand rig. It enable much smoother deformations around the wrist and more natural finger movements. Currently, this feature is in alpha and not available to everybody. If you want to get early access, please reach out:

More Updates

  • WebView now supports the events "v1.user.updated” and “v1.user.logout” and the quickstart parameter got removed, as the current version of the web Avatar Creator will not support it anymore.
  • WebView Package no longer installs automatically when installing the Ready Player Me SDK. It is an optional package, only necessary to integrate the web avatar creator via WebView.


  • On some occasions, after reopening the Unity project the Ready Player Me Settings did reset to default values. This is now fixed.

Breaking Changes

  • Some of the elements and the Avatar Creator samples got refactored. The core functionality of the SDK did not change.

Quickstart with Unity SDK

Check out the Docs for "Create your own Avatar Creator"

See the full Changelog on GitHub