Unity SDK 5.0 released with many improvements, fixes and experimental building blocks for the engine native avatar creator

We just released Unity SDK 5.0 with many improvements, fixes and new features.

Breaking API Changes

Due to a refactoring, to keep maintainability and code readability high, a few namespaces and classes changed.

  • All sample scripts are now wrapped in a namespace ReadyPlayerMe.Samples
  • WebRequest class names changed (AuthenticationRequests.cs, AuthAPIRequests.cs, PartnerAssetsRequests, AssetAPIRequests.cs)
  • We removed our static endpoint classes to isolate the endpoints inside the web request classes that use them. As such the following classes have been removed. (AssetEndpoints.cs, AuthEndpoints.cs, AvatarEndoints.cs, Endpoints.cs)
  • We replaced the external glTFast package, hosted on GitHub, with the Unity’s package.

Please check out the Migration Guide.

New Features

  • We are testing a new architecture of the Engine-Native Avatar Creator, introducing the “Elements” layer. It aims to make it easy to build your UI of the Avatar Creator on top of the API Wrappers. Check out the sample (Package Manager, RPM SDK Core -> Samples) and let us know what you think! (

More Updates

  • Avatar URLs in samples now use the suggested base URL.
  • Ready Player Me top toolbar menu is under Tools/Ready Player Me to comply with Asset Store requirements.
  • Samples were renamed for the package's Asset Store version, and paths were updated accordingly.
  • Quick start sample animations updated.
  • Draco compression package version has been updated.


  • Fix for handling pasted url text in the subdomain field
  • Added Panel Switcher clear functionality to fix issues related to relaunching the creator

Please read the full changelog on GitHub.

Find the Migration Guide on the Docs