Enhanced 2D Avatars Now Available

We've upgraded the visual quality of Ready Player Me 2D avatars in addition to many quality of life improvements and flexibility introduced to the 2D Avatars API.

Notably, developers can now control camera (portrait/full-body), expressions, background color and size of the renders.

Avatars are now rendered using a new, beautiful, universal scene that can be easily configured through the API to better fit 2D avatars into your game or application.

Developers can get great-looking 2D avatars out of the box using the new scene.

...cf1cdc493.png // get transparent render

In addition, it’s now possible to configure the output with various parameters.

Change the size of the output image


Set a desired background colour


Change the camera angle to portrait or full-body view


Or choose from a variety of preset facial expressions


Other notable quality of life improvements to the API include

  • Average response times are reduced by 3X
  • When defining facial expressions with blendShapes, there's no need to list individual mesh names anymore. Just send the blendShapes, and we'll handle everything else.

See the updated 2D avatar documentation for more details on how to integrate the improved 2D avatars in your application.