Create your own version of the avatar creator in Unity and Unreal

The web-avatar-creator, integrated via WebView, is a great and widely adopted solution. It can provide you with a fully functional avatar creator, complete with all avatar customization options for your game within minutes. It consistently incorporates the latest Ready Player Me features, all without requiring any coding on your part.

However, it does have its limitations. It might not seamlessly align with the visual style of your game/app, or it might not be accessible on the platform you're developing for (such as VR). This is why we've included all the necessary tools to craft your version of the avatar creator directly within the game engine. Additionally, we've included a sample for you to explore the full range of functionality.

Check out the packages and the getting-started guides on GitHub

Please let us know any feedback and and share your own Avatar Creator in GitHub Discussions or on Discord. 🙏🏻