BMW's Immersive Experiences With 3D Avatars

BMW, one of the world's biggest car manufactures, partnered with Ready Player Me and Journee to create immersive experiences promoting their new and concept vehicles in unique, immersive environments featuring avatars and custom digital outfits.

unique visitors of BMW's experiences
avatars wearing BMW outfits
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For the launch of BMW's new iX1 electric vehicle, the company has launched a unique virtual environment letting people discover the car up-close as their Ready Player Me avatar. As a part of the campaign, BMW released branded outfits available to all users of Ready Player Me.

During CES 2023, BMW has unveiled the BMW i Vision Dee, the company's first car with a "digital soul". Dee will let its driver set a personal Ready Player Me avatar that will greet them on the side window when entering the car — among other immersive experiences offered by the vehicle. The launch of the BMW i Vision Dee was accompanied by a virtual experience "A Quest to Dee" created by Journee. Users could use their Ready Player Me avatars to explore the world, get to know Dee, and claim an exclusive outfit for their avatar.