What's New in Ready Player Me — January/February 2024

Here's your recap of what we added to Ready Player Me in January and February 2024.

Watch the full recap here or on YouTube:

Using Stable Diffusion for AI texture

AI texture lets you create avatar outfits in no time. Just pick an asset, specify the style, and let AI in Asset Designer do the work. But how does it work?

Read an article from our R&D Lead on the SIGGRAPH-featured method for geometry-aware avatar outfit texturing using Stable Diffusion.

Introducing Developers Forum

Introducing Ready Player Me Developers Forum – a dedicated space for developers to share knowledge, ask questions, engage in discussions, help others, and receive help.

Please use your existing Ready Player Me login credentials to sign in.

Building your first visionOS application

Vision Pro is Apple's first big step in what they call the "spatial computing" industry.

On our blog, we guide you through the step-by-step process of building your first Apple Vision Pro app featuring Ready Player Me avatars using the PolySpatial package in Unity.

Boost engagement with custom content

Hundreds of developers integrating Ready Player Me have used Asset Manager to bring unique avatar outfits to their apps and games, including Metaverser, Virtex Stadium and SideQuest.

Learn why you should follow their lead and start creating custom content today on our blog.

Updates to the Unity SDK

There have been some major changes to our Unity SDK. Here are a few highlights:

  • Elements: An abstraction layer of the API makes it easy to create your very own custom avatar creation experience;
  • Support for “fullbody-xr” body type (alpha): XR-specific variant of full-body avatars, with additional twist bones and a better hand rig.

Also, you can now get the SDK from the Unity Asset Store!

Next generation of content creation tools

We are developing the next generation of our content creation tools. They will allow you to turn any character model into a customization system in minutes.

Learn more on our website and sign up for early access.

Q&A with the team

Our team members recently answered some of the most frequent questions that we are getting on our Instagram. Check the "Team" Highlight on our profile to see their answers.

Get started with Ready Player Me

Are you building an app or game that could use some avatars? You can integrate Ready Player Me for free, even in commercial applications. Sign up here to get started.