Unleash Your Creativity with AI-Generated Avatar Outfits in Ready Player Me Labs

Today, we are launching Ready Player Me Labs, an initiative to give developers and users early access to experimental projects and features our team is working on, and gain valuable feedback from the community. The first Labs release includes an AI-powered, experimental version of our avatar creator. It uses Dall-E to generate unique textures based on user prompts.

We are also previewing one of the most requested features by our community: the ability to customize tops, pants, and shoes individually. This, combined with using AI for generating textures, gives unlimited options for customizing avatar outfits.

Design your own jacket with AI Texture feature

Coming soon to Ready Player Me Labs

The vision for AI to power avatar creator is not just about the clothes on your avatar's back – we'll be continuing to add new experimental features including:

  • AI-based stylization, allowing you to change the look of your avatar
  • Gender-neutral body types, adding to the existing masculine and feminine body types
  • Diverse body shapes, introducing more diversity to the avatars
  • Age presets, offering less or more mature appearance

These much-requested features will help to make the avatars even more personal, giving you more ways to express yourself in the metaverse.

Ready Player Me Labs won’t be just a stand-alone version of our avatar creator. It’s also going to be a testing ground for experimental features for the developers using our platform, including improvements to the Avatar API, Unity and Unreal SDKs.

Bringing advanced avatar customization to the partner apps

We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of avatar customization in the future. Our goal is to give users more personalization options without sacrificing interoperability and performance in the 6,000+ apps and games being built by our partners. Ready Player Labs and the AI-powered avatar creator is an exciting first step and is available to all users now. If you're looking for a way to integrate Ready Player Me avatars into your application, sign up for free to become a developer.