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Enhance Your Ready Player Me Integration With Integrations

‍In this blog post, we will introduce Ready Player Me Integrations. We'll begin by providing an overview of what integrations are and why they're valuable. Additionally, we'll highlight two partner packages, Kinetix AI Emotes and Inworld AI NPCs, to know more about them and why you should use them to boost your game engagement. We also have more in-house packages, making all these integrations a way to greatly assist developers in accelerating game development. Last but not least, we will cover how you can become a partner to have your Ready Player Me-compatible package featured on our integrations page.

What are Ready Player Me Integrations

Ready Player Me Integrations is a directory of tools, plugins, and extensions developers can use to enhance their Ready Player Me integrations in applications and games. We initiated this public directory of Ready Player Me compatible technology with two partners: Kinetix's Emotes SDK and Inworld AI's NPCs, in addition to our own tools, which include Custom Avatar Creators, Multiplayer Photon, and Multiplayer Netcode. You can access these extensions by visiting our Samples and Utilities page.

 Integrations and Extensions page

We introduced Integrations to provide developers with resources, installation guides, and quick-start tutorials for the tools and packages necessary to create their apps and games, ultimately saving them time in the development process.

About Kinetix’s Emote SDK

Kinetix's Emote SDK is a powerful tool that elevates your Ready Player Me avatars integration by making them more expressive and engaging. This SDK empowers developers to seamlessly integrate an AI User-Generated Emote feature for the players to create custom emotes from a simple video, as well as integrate Emotes from the world's largest emote library, boosting their game’s engagement. All this can be achieved with just a few lines of code.

Why Use Kinetix's Emote SDK?

Emotion and Expression: Kinetix's Emote SDK offers a wide array of animations and expressions that allow avatars to convey emotions effectively. Users can smile, wave, dance, and express themselves in virtual spaces, leading to more engaging and immersive interactions.

User Engagement: Adding emotional depth to avatars significantly enhances user engagement. Avatars capable of expressing themselves create a more authentic and enjoyable virtual experience.

User-Generated Emote: Kinetix also features a User-Generated Emote feature, allowing your players to create custom emotes from videos within your game. All it takes is a phone camera or any video for Kinetix SDK to create and play an animation on your Ready Player Me avatar!

Emote Updater: With the Emote Updater, you can not only integrate 1,000+ emotes from the Kinetix Emote Library in your game in a few clicks, but you can also schedule daily updates to keep your emote content fresh and engaging. Notably, you can set up daily updates of your in-game shop from our web-based portal, and the Emote Updater will then automatically deliver new batches of Emotes to your shop on a daily basis for years to come.

Emotify: Soon, Kinetix will introduce an exciting feature, Emotify, bringing the world's largest emote library to your users, further enhancing socialization and engagement in your game. Players will be able to browse through a library of 1000+ emotes and play them with the push of a button directly in your app.

About Inworld AI's SDK

Inworld AI's SDK is a game-changing technology that will take your Ready Player Me integrations into a new era of virtual possibilities by introducing intelligent and interactive non-player characters (NPCs) into your virtual environments. This innovative SDK empowers developers to create immersive and dynamic virtual worlds, whether for video games, entertainment, immersive experiences or training applications.
Using this tool you can craft characters with distinct personalities and contextual awareness that stay in-world. Seamlessly integrate into real-time applications, with optimization for scale and performance built-in.

Why Use Inworld AI's SDK?

Interactive NPCs: Inworld AI's SDK empowers developers to seamlessly implement intelligent NPCs that engage with users in virtual spaces. These NPCs can perform tasks, provide valuable information, and interact with users, infusing the virtual environment with life and engagement.

Dynamic Environments: With the ability to integrate interactive NPCs, your virtual environment becomes a dynamic, responsive realm. Users can enjoy interactive experiences that adapt to their actions and decisions, intensifying the overall immersion of your applications and games.

Real-Time Generative AI: Designed for peak performance and scalability, Inworld AI's SDK understands the critical importance of every millisecond in real-time experiences. Inworld AI is production-ready and designed to scale instantly without requiring additional configuration.

Character Brain: Inworld AI's SDK unlocks the ability to configure distinct character personalities within minutes, utilizing natural language and intuitive controls. Smart NPCs can learn, adapt, navigate relationships with emotional intelligence, maintain memory and recall, and autonomously initiate goals and actions seamlessly integrating with gameplay.

Increased Engagement: The presence of interactive NPCs can significantly increase user engagement and the time users spend in your virtual space. Users are more likely to explore and interact when there are dynamic AI characters to engage with.

More Ready Player Me Integrations

Explore our Samples & Utilities page to discover other in-house packages we've introduced to enhance your development journey. These include:

  • Ready Player Me Animation Pack
  • Custom Avatar Creator for Unity
  • Custom Avatar Creator for Unreal
  • Photon Multiplayer for Unity
  • Unity Netcode Support