Introducing Asset Manager 2.0 With Support For Hero Characters

Available today in the Developer Studio, Asset Manager 2.0 gives you complete control over which assets appear in your app or game and in what order. Asset Manager 2.0 also brings support for Hero Characters.

With the launch of the Asset Manager earlier this year, we opened doors for developers who wanted to enhance their apps and games with custom content that fits the visual style of your experiences and is tailored to your users. Since then, we have made creating custom avatar clothes faster and easier

First, we launched the Asset Designer, allowing you to pick an individual outfit piece (top, bottom, shoes), edit its texture in graphic design software, and make it available to your users. We took it a step further with geometry-aware AI texturing, making it possible to create new avatar outfit pieces in seconds just by specifying the desired style. Our R&D team recently presented the solution during the prestigious SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 conference

Metaverser have used the AI texture feature in the Asset Designer to create unique outfits for each of the clans for their Battle of Clans: Zombie Challenge. They generated the initial designs in the Asset Designer, added their logo in a graphic design tool, and uploaded the custom textures back. Asset Manager tools suite became a key way to improve the engagement and retention of their platform: 

“It has become a significant motivation for new players who are not yet clan members to inquire about how to acquire the outfit.”

Asset Manager 2.0: Full Control Over The Assets In Your Application

As custom content libraries of developers using Ready Player Me continue to grow, we are bringing big updates to the Asset Manager in its 2.0 release. The new version introduces the Configure section with new ways to organize assets in your applications:

  • Filter through all clothing assets (full outfits, tops, bottoms, shoes) available in your application — including assets created by Ready Player Me
  • Toggle the visibility of the assets in your application
  • Change the order in which the assets appear in the Avatar Creator, either by dragging them in the list or using options in the three-dot menu 
  • Set default full-body outfits for each body type for first-time users

Introducing Support For Hero Characters in Asset Manager 2.0

Today’s release of Asset Manager 2.0 also brings support for Hero Characters. This allows you to upload, validate, and manage fully custom avatars — from head to toe — giving you even more flexibility in creating custom content for your app or game. 

Uploading Hero Characters to your app or game works the same way as with other assets:

  1. Go to the “Add new asset” page
  2. Fill out the asset’s details: name, body type, preview icon, applications
  3. Under “Type,” choose the new “Hero Character” option
  4. Upload a model saved in a GLB file that follows our custom content guidelines
  5. Click “Save” and preview the asset in your application

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