Introducing Asset Designer — Create Custom Avatar Clothes Without 3D Design Tools

Create custom Ready Player Me avatar clothes like shirts, pants, and shoes for your app or game with no 3D tools

Earlier this year, we announced Asset Manager, enabling developers integrating Ready Player Me to create custom content for their apps or games. Today, we are making asset creation much, much easier. Our new Asset Designer makes custom content creation accessible to anyone. You no longer need 3D design tools like Blender or Maya to make avatar outfits for Ready Player Me. In fact, all you need is Photoshop or similar graphic design software with support for PSD files. 

Asset Designer utilizes our new modular outfits. Simply download a PSD texture template for different stytles of shirts, pants, and shoes, create your own design in software like Photoshop, and upload it back to Ready Player Me as a PNG file.

Here's how you can use Asset Designer to create custom outfit pieces for your app or game:

  1. Go to Asset Designer in Developer Studio;
  2. Pick an outfit piece that you want to use and download a PSD template;
  3. Open the PSD file in Photoshop or other compatible software;
  4. Create your design. Please note the names of the layers — they will guide you through the process. You can also access our documentation here;
  5. Once your design is ready, export the texture file as PNG and upload it to the Asset Designer;
  6. Check the 3D preview of the asset. If you're happy with the result, press "Save" in the top right corner. You will be redirected to the Asset Manager, where you can name your asset and assign it to your app or game.
Design custom texture in any app that supports PSD files

With these changes, we hope to enable any developer to create custom content for their apps or games, regardless of their level of expertise in 3D design software.

Asset Designer is available now ow to all developers registered in the Ready Player Me Studio. If you're new to Ready Player Me, sign up here for free to get started.