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How Racino Built a Bespoke Avatar Creation Experience To Fit Their Racing Platform

Learn how Racino built a custom Avatar Creator to provide their users with a unique avatar creation experience to match the aesthetic of their new racing platform.

About Racino & Ready Player Me integration

Racino is a simulated racing platform with blockchain integration that lets players become a race engineer. To offer their users a deeper level of the gaming experience personalization, the company decided to incorporate avatars into their platform:

“By integrating avatars, we aimed to enable players to not only customize their racers across our suite of racing games but also to take ownership of the unique elements they brought to their characters.”

<span class="text-style-quote-author">~ Lorenzo George, CEO & Founder of Racino</span>

After exploring other avatar solutions, Racino have decided to integrate Ready Player Me based on our experience, work ethic, and technology:

“[The] combination of their visionary outlook, the agility and responsiveness of their communication, and the quality of their technology [...] made it clear that [Ready Player Me] were the best fit for our needs.”

<span class="text-style-quote-author">~ Lorenzo George, CEO & Founder of Racino</span>

Racino players can create Ready Player Me avatars to represent themselves on the platform. The company offers racing-themed avatar customization options, including a racing suit from McLaren Racing, who are part of our Premium Skins Catalog.

Unlike with other avatar solutions, users can take their Ready Player Me avatars and customization options from one compatible application – like Racino – to another.

“[Avatar interoperability] broke the barriers of platform exclusivity and fostered a sense of community among users, which was something we hadn't found in other avatar solutions.”

<span class="text-style-quote-author">~ Lorenzo George, CEO & Founder of Racino</span>


Creating a visually consistent user experience

Bad actors in the Web3 space are not uncommon; thus, creating trust is among the top requirements for the success of an app or game built on top of blockchain technologies. This wasn’t any different for Racino, who prioritized maintaining brand consistency during the development of their platform to build a trusted experience.

To ensure a visually consistent experience that would keep their users immersed in the platform, Racino built a custom Avatar Creator to integrate Ready Player Me. It allowed them to build a custom player-facing UX that seamlessly blended the avatar creation process with the rest of the platform’s user interface.

Racino's custom-built Avatar Creator


Build a custom Avatar Creator to fit your app/game’s design

Having control over every aspect of your app or game’s design is crucial for achieving both visual consistency and ensuring a smooth user experience that doesn’t leave your users confused.

Our tools let you build your own avatar creation process to integrate Ready Player Me into your game or app. There’s no need for users to open a web browser or use a webview pane inside of your application to create an avatar.

A custom-built Avatar Creator lets you keep your users fully immersed and engaged in your app experience. You have full control over the avatar creation process and can customize the Avatar Creator UI to match the design and style of your application.

You can build a custom Avatar Creator when integrating Ready Player Me into any Unity- or Unreal Engine-based app or game. If you’re integrating on the Web, you can use our API to build your own avatar creator.

Build your own Avatar Creator in Unity


Enhancing user trust through visual consistency  

As Racino’s platform is built on top of blockchain technologies, it was important for the company to create an aesthetically consistent UI to establish trust with their user base. With the flexibility offered by a custom Avatar Creator, Racino were able to blend the Ready Player Me avatar creation process right into their racing platform.

“Having a custom Avatar Creator UI was crucial for maintaining brand consistency in the Web3 space. Having a custom-built Avatar Creator significantly enhanced user trust in Racino by seamlessly matching our site's style, avoiding any off-brand appearance.”

<span class="text-style-quote-author">~ Lorenzo George, CEO & Founder of Racino</span>

Racino found building their own Avatar Creator to be straightforward experience, naming well-organized documentation and API that was easy to read as the key factors.

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