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Hiber's New Angry Birds World Is One Of Their Most Engaging Yet

Founded in 2017, Hiber are the creators of the Hiber3D platform, a game engine that lets anyone build cross-device 3D experiences with a no-code tool. The company's own HiberWorld is a mobile and desktop hub where gamers can play and create 3D worlds. It hosts 5.5M+ user-generated worlds.

  • 1+ million total plays
  • 2x playtime vs HiberWorld's average
  • 2.5x users vs next most popular world


Partnerships with global brands

Announced last year, Premium Skins Catalog allows developers integrating the Ready Player Me avatar system to sell branded avatar customization options in their apps and games. Participating brands include Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group’s Bravado, Rovio’s Angry Birds, McLaren Racing, Manchester City, and The Voice.

Regardless of their team size and user base, any developer can request access to the brands’ intellectual property. This gives developers an opportunity to work with established brands – something that used to be reserved only for AAA game studios. The relationship and legal processes are managed by the Ready Player Me team, enabling studios to focus on the creative side of the integration process.

In addition to gaining access to premium content, developers can also build branded experiences centered around the intellectual property of the participating brands.

Developers can request access to Premium Skins Catalog here.


How Hiber built one of their most engaging worlds with Angry Birds IP

Ready Player Me’s existing relationships with Rovio allowed Hiber to build a unique, immersive experience around the Angry Birds IP. Users could try their hand at a parkour obstacle course resembling a typical environment from the Angry Birds mobile game series, featuring pigs, TNT crates, and other elements familiar to the players. Anyone who completed the course by reaching the bird nest unlocked a limited time Im-Peck-Able achievement.

"Bringing Angry Birds to HiberWorld [through the partnership with Ready Player Me] was a brilliant opportunity for us to engage our community in an iconic IP with a HiberWorld twist, bolstering our commitment to interoperability and collaboration. Our community was instantly excited to engage with this experience, enjoying the gameplay, and the Angry Birds assets and digital wearables."

<span class="text-style-quote-author">~ Elaine Glantz, Director of Marketing at Hiber</span>

Hiber leveraged the Rovio partnership to create and sell Angry Birds avatar outfits on their HiberWorld platform. The wearables collection included a full-body outfit inspired by the iconic Red character, a Foreman pig t-shirt, and a Hal helmet. Once purchased in HiberWorld, users could use the assets in all apps supporting Ready Player Me avatars.

"Plays crossed over 100K in a matter of days and have now cleared well over 1 million. It is now one of the most played worlds of all time on HiberWorld. Collaborating with the teams at Rovio and Ready Player Me made this a smooth and fun process for our team, and we look forward to seeing what this partnership can lead to next."

<span class="text-style-quote-author">~ Elaine Glantz, Director of Marketing at Hiber</span>

The Angry Birds world had 2.5x more plays and unique users than Hiber’s next most engaging experience. The average playtime in the experience is also more than double that of the average HiberWorld platform.

Other branded experiences on HiberWorld

Angry Birds World wasn’t Hiber’s first take on immersive experiences for brands. Last year, the company created a virtual world for Tommy Hilfiger’s Parallel, bringing the brand's physical garments to digital. Players could purchase outfits for their avatars, explore the world, and play mini games.

More recently, Hiber has partnered with ITV Studios to create an immersive experience for The Voice that included a pop-up store with the show’s merchandise, which the Ready Player Me Premium Skins Catalog also facilitated.

How other developers utilize our brand partnerships

As we continue to roll out access to the Premium Skins Catalog, more developers leverage access to global IPs of global brands to increase their user engagement with branded immersive experiences.

RAVE SPACE partnered up with Universal Music to build a virtual fan experience called YOUniversal. Universal’s goal with the virtual world is to bring artists and fans closer together, who can explore a virtual recording studio, a green room, and a Hall of Fame museum with 100+ Gold and Platinum Awards.

Visitors can also purchase physical and virtual merchandise right from the experience. The virtual space also hosts regular exclusive events with Universal-associated artists. Partnership between RAVE SPACE and Universal Music began prior to the launch of Premium Skins Catalog. Universal assets will be available in the Catalog in the future.

Build your own branded experience with Ready Player Me

Since Ready Player Me’s launch back in 2020, brands like Adidas, New Balance, Pull&Bear, BMW, Warner Bros., L'Oréal and Universal have worked with us and developers integrating our avatar system to launch branded experiences and avatar outfits around it.  

Developers looking to build an immersive branded experience on top of a known IP or bring custom avatar outfits into their apps can request access here.