What's new in Ready Player Me — July 2023

Here's your recap of what we added to Ready Player Me in July

Our new advanced user management tools — Account Linking and Guest Accounts — let you speed up onboarding and make switching between platforms much smoother.

In Unity SDK 3.0, we have merged the Avatar Loader Package into the Core SDK module for easier maintenance. Be sure to check out the migration guide to ensure effortless transition. The SDK update also includes an integration guide, helping new developers get started with Ready Player Me. The Avatar Configuration now uses the lod parameter instead of meshLod, reducing triangle count by up to 75%.

The lod parameter was introduced in the recent update to our Avatar REST API. The update also expanded the texture encoding to JPEG, PNG, and WEBP file formats. The last one can cut avatar file size by up to 40%.

We shared a couple of guides for the Unity SDK on our blog: one on building a multiplayer game with Photon and Unity NetCode, and the second on creating smart NPCs using OpenAI's ChatGPT.

You can now stay up-to-date with all improvements and feature releases thanks to a new changelog on our website.

Watch the full July recap here or on YouTube:

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