What's new in Ready Player Me — August 2023

Here's your recap of what we added to Ready Player Me in August 2023

Watch the full August recap here or on YouTube:

Custom Avatar Creator theme

The new custom theme lets you fully change the appearance of the avatar creator in your app or game.

You can customize:

  • Colors of the background, individual interface elements, and text;
  • Pick from nine different fonts;
  • Toggle the shape of buttons between rounded and square.

To create your own custom theme, go to Developer Studio, select an application, then go to the "Theme" section.

Avatar Creator uses 5x less bandwidth

Ready Player Me Avatar Creator now consumes approximately 5x less bandwidth while customizing avatars, leading to faster avatar loading and customization experience in poor connections.

UX/UI Guidelines

The UX/UI Guideline is a comprehensive and practical manual that empowers you to seamlessly integrate Ready Player Me, optimizing the avatar creator’s integration for a native experience within your game or app. Find them in the docs.

Introducing Copilot AI

Copilot AI is our new tool assisting you during the Ready Player Me integration process. It will help you evaluate our platform, guide you through the development process, give you tips on optimizing your app or game’s performance and ensure a smooth launch.

Ask questions like:

  • "How can I integrate the avatar creator for a Unity WebGL project?"
  • "Is there a possibility to customize the outfits?"
  • "Do I have to pay to use Ready Player Me?"

Go to Developer Studio to try Copilot AI out.

Free Animation Library

Animation Library is a collection of 200+ high-quality, game-ready animations for locomotion, idles, expressions, and dances (with weapon animations are coming soon).

The library is fully compatible with Ready Player Me avatars and available for free on GitHub.

Modular outfits

Users can now create their own avatar outfits by individually selecting shirts, pants, and shoes worn by their avatar. Learn more about the new feature.

How to improve user retention

Based on insights from 10,000+ Ready Player Me partners, we put together four strategies to improve user retention in your app or game using avatars. Read more here.

Developer Workshop: Get Started With Ready Player Me in Unity

Are you new to Unity? Sign up for our first-ever developer workshop where we are going to guide you through the first steps of integrating Ready Player Me into a Unity project.

The workshop will take place on September 27th at 11 AM EDT. Sign up here.

Get started with Ready Player Me

Are you building an app or game that could use some avatars? You can integrate Ready Player Me for free, even in commercial applications. Sign up here to get started.