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VRChat Removes Friction For New Users With a Personal Avatars Creator

About VRChat

Founded in 2014, VRChat is one of the biggest virtual reality social platforms. It allows users to create, share, and play with 3D content in virtual experiences. Last year, the company secured $80M in a Series D funding round to build digital economy tools for the platform.

VRChat is available on PC with support for VR and on the Meta Quest platform. On Steam, VRChat is used by over 20,000 people daily.

Community-driven content creation and custom avatars

VRChat’s main focus is its community – they are the ones who provide custom content for the platform. With the VRChat SDK for Unity, everyone can create their virtual worlds and share them with other platform users.

VRChat lets anyone express themselves through avatars – also created by the community. But as Tupper, VRChat's Head of Community, points out, making your character for the platform used to be a technical challenge for new users:

VRChat has been designed to be as open as possible from the ground up. That means that if you can build it in Unity, then you can use it as your avatar in VRChat. That gives users tons of freedom, but it also means that if they want to build an avatar the traditional way, they’re going to have to learn an entirely new skillset.
Ready Player Me avatar of @smiley_vrdj in VRChat

Ready Player Me avatars for VRChat

Avatars are a crucial part of VRChat. "For many people, their avatars are an extension of their real bodies – and so it’s vitally important that their avatar feels right for them." – says Tupper.

We partnered with VRChat to make creating avatars for the platform accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skills and the platform they use.

Since the Ready Player Me avatar creator works on the web, users can create an avatar on any device, log in with their VRChat account, and import their character onto the platform.

Ready Player Me avatars in VRChat (by @kettle_BearV)

Ready Player Me avatars gave VRChat users a simple way to create an avatar that expresses who they are and how they want to be perceived by others in the virtual worlds.

The Ready Player Me platform comes with an extensive library of hundreds of avatar customization options. It even includes free outfits from brands like New Balance, Warner Bros. (Dune), and RTFKT.

Ready Player Me gets the sort of fashion choices that people want to actually wear in social VR. After all, your identity has to include your sense of style, too.

The VRChat integration behind the scenes

Thanks to VRChat’s API, the integration between Ready Player Me and the VRChat platform is seamless. Users can sign in with their VRChat account and import their Ready Player Me avatar in a matter of minutes. As Tupper points out, this makes it easy for new VRChat users to get started with the platform:

Ready Player Me offers users the ability to quickly and easily customize their very own avatar – even one scanned from a selfie. That allows new users to immediately jump into VRChat without any additional friction in a virtual body that works for them.
Importing a Ready Player Me avatar to VRChat
Importing a Ready Player Me avatar to VRChat

Interoperability of Ready Player Me avatars

After creating a VRChat avatar, users can go back to the Ready Player Me Hub and import their avatar to other supported experiences created by over 1,000 developers. Players can use their avatars in video content creation apps like LIV or Animaze, play games like Summit Scramble, go to a concert in Blind Chihuahua, or visit an art gallery in Mona.

When users import their model to a new application, all customization options are preserved while the avatar’s configuration is adjusted to a specific application. This makes every avatar on our platform cross-app compatible.

500,000+ personal VRChat avatars

Since we launched the VRChat avatar creator, users of the platform created over 500,000 custom avatars using Ready Player Me. As Tupper points out, a big contributing factor to this was the ease of use of the platform:

It’s easy to find a face that looks like yours, especially with the photo match feature – which is a rare feature for most avatar creators.

The integration launch was covered by Forbes and major virtual reality media, including Road to VR, UploadVR, and Mogura VR. Popular YouTubers like Nathie, The Mysticle, and Atom Bomb Body also featured the VRChat avatar creator on their channels.

Add Ready Player Me avatars to your app or game

We spent seven years building a perfect 3D avatar system, so you don't have to. Ready Player Me avatars work on the Web, mobile, and every platform that support Unity or Unreal Engine.

Join the growing list of over 3,000 Ready Player Me Partners who integrate our avatars into their apps and games, including Animaze, Immersed, vSpatial, and SideQuest.

Ready Player Me is free to use for users and developers. Become a Ready Player Me Partner to use our avatars in your commercial app or game.