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What’s new for developers: updated Unreal SDK and new Unity example

A few weeks ago, we shared some exciting updates to our developer tools. Our Unity SDK now allows you to directly access the Render API, cache avatars during runtime and debug with the new SDKLogger tool. The updated developer docs make it easier to try out Ready Player Me and learn more about our partnership program.

Today, we release an updated Unreal SDK and new Unity examples for VR and desktop apps.

PS. In case you missed it, we raised a $56M Series B round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Learn what it means for Ready Player Me.

Unreal SDK v0.17.0: Render API, Avatar caching

The latest version of our Unreal SDK comes with many new features, loads of improvements and several fixes.

The Unreal SDK now offers avatar caching as an experimental opt-in feature. After the initial download, they will load much faster.

Like with our Unity SDK, we added direct integration with our Render API to the Unreal SDK. It allows you to get 2D renders of avatars and use them for things like leaderboards, user profiles, and more.

Starting with this SDK version, the main development efforts and our developer docs are focused on Unreal Engine 5. However, if you still rely on Unreal Engine 4, you can find useful information in the documentation.

Lastly, we would like to ask you for help. We embedded product analytics in our Unreal SDK (and Unity SDK earlier this month) to learn which features need more attention and where we can improve the most. They are disabled by default, but it would help develop our platform if you decide to turn them on. We are transparent about how to use the data – you can read more about it here. TL;DR: no personal data is captured, and we don’t share any data with third parties.

Integrate Ready Player Me in Unity PC and VR apps

Currently, the best way to integrate Ready Player Me in Unity PC and VR apps is with the help of Vuplex. We created a new Unity Vuplex example project to guide you through the implementation.

Become a Partner and add Ready Player Me avatars to your app or game

Excited about new features coming to our platform? We are always looking to help more companies and developers become part of the metaverse.

If you want to integrate our avatars into your app or game, apply to become a partner.