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Uncover Greentown's Mystery With The Stranger Greens Gang

We are excited to announce our second avatar collection, Stranger Greens. The limited-edition avatars will be available in selected partner apps, starting with HiberWorld.

Stranger Greens

Something strange is happening in Greentown. Every TV channel shows static. No matter how often Bruhcolli adjusts the antenna on his old TV in the basement, it’s the same. The only thing that is working is Atari. Brocco Lee is too busy playing Street Fighter and Kung Fu games even to notice anything else.

When Leafette was walking her dog Sparky, they heard weird, high-pitched noises coming from the abandoned warehouses on the edge of town. The noise was driving Sparky crazy. She also spotted a lot of black vans rolling through the town. 

This weekend, the gang was going to check it out. Something strange is happening in Greentown. And it’s time to find out what. 

Buy the limited-edition collection

The Stranger Greens collection is available now. Visit HiberWorld to buy the Bruhcolli, Brocco Lee, Leafette and Sparky avatars today.

Developer? Get access to new monetization tools

Avatar collections is one of the new monetization tools we offer to Ready Player Me developers. We are working on bringing them to more partners soon.

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