Supporting VR Developers in Early-Stages with Orla Harris, COO of SideQuest

Developing a VR app or game is one thing, but getting it out to the users is another whole story. Luckily, platforms like SideQuest make it easy for up-and-coming developers to release their games and get feedback from first users. Early access is a crucial step in developing a successful product, and SideQuest had many of them, including Pavlov: Shack, Touring Karts, Hyper Dash, and Gorilla Tag.

We had a chat with SideQuest COO & Co-Founder Orla Harris. We covered SideQuest's passion for the developer community and discussed how they support it now and what plans they have for the future. We also talked about the role of side-loading for VR platforms and the latest trends on the SideQuest store.

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