Save The Outer Kingdom From Rabbots With the Help of Ging and Samas

Introducing Avatar Collections – premium avatar assets from Ready Player Me. Buy limited-edition avatars from The Outer Kingdom collection in selected apps. Available until July 5th, 2023.

We are excited to unveil Avatar Collections – limited-edition avatar assets available for purchase through selected Ready Player Me Partners. 

Our first collection, The Outer Kingdom, is available now until July 5th. You can buy the collection assets in HiberWorld, Wink, and Omlet Arcade, with more apps coming later.

The Outer Kingdom

For generations, there has been peace and prosperity in The Outer Kingdom. Like their parents before them, the Gingerfolk worked the farmlands, selling their bounties in the bustling port cities to the north or traveling merchant caravans who braved the mountainous trade routes to the south. It was good life… for most.

Ging, who grew up in The Outer Kingdom, dreams of becoming a Sama— a warrior protecting the lands from the blight and the machinations beyond. Every year, the Sama hold trials throughout The Five Kingdoms, looking for the strongest and most brave to join their ranks, training in the monasteries for a life protecting the realm. Most joined for fame, fortune, and some notoriety.

Ging craves adventure, from leaving The Outer Kingdom and exploring far beyond the realm. He may even travel through the blight. He’s not scared of the Rabbots and other Machinations—creatures that Ging's Pa used to scare him with. 

Once just a legend, the Rabbots are rumored to have appeared. The Sama started gathering their forces—as if something bigger was about to happen. Ging’s Pa and Ma can no longer hold him back as he decides to take a trial to become a Sama to protect The Outer Kingdom from the Rabbots.

New monetization tools for developers

Avatar Collections is a new tool we offer to Ready Player Me developers. We are working on bringing them to more partners soon. Learn more about our upcoming monetization options for developers.

Buy the limited-edition collection

The Outer Kingdom collection is available only until July 5th. Visit HiberWorld, Wink, and Omlet Arcade to buy the Ging, Sama, and Rabbots avatar outfits today.