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Customize Your Avatar With Outfits From The Metaverse Fashion Leader RTFKT

The Ready Player Me avatar platform is getting a unique collection of virtual sneakers and a jacket from RTFKT. The assets are free for all Ready Player Me users and can be accessed in most of the 600+ apps and games supported by the avatar platform. Create an avatar with an RTFKT outfit here.

We are on our way to make the metaverse dream come true. With the Ready Player Me Hub, you can already create your digital representation and use it to explore the virtual worlds of VRChat, meet with your friends in Mozilla Hubs, collaborate with your colleagues in vSpatial, and access other compatible apps.

The next step is to bring digital art and fashion into the metaverse. To make it happen, we are partnering with the metaverse fashion leader RTFKT. In May, the company secured $8 million in a round of funding lead by Andreessen Horowitz venture capital, and their assets are up to $100K.

Starting today, RTFKT’s unique fashion pieces are available as customization options for everyone using Ready Player Me. The Cyber Sneakers, Meta Jacket, and Fewo Shoes are available to everyone for free and will be accessible in 600+ partner apps & games, including Somnium Space, Mozilla Hubs, and LIV.

How to find the RTFKT assets in Ready Player Me

To use RTFKT shoes and jacket, go to and select one of the outfits. You can customize the avatar with hundreds of hairstyles, eyebrows, glasses, and other options. When you’re ready, click “Next” and share the avatar to social media with a special 3D render.

You can import your avatar with an RTFKT outfit to supported apps and games through the new Ready Player Me Hub.

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