October Product Update - Full-Body Avatar Creator

Rainer Selvet
Hey there! 👋
It's been a busy month for Ready Player Me. There's been many updates core to the platform, here's everything that's new 🎉

Content management

We now deliver all customisation assets through a content management system. Customisation assets can be updated on the fly by artists or content managers, managed per individual partner domain. All changes are instantly available on Ready Player Me. This was a much needed step in streamlining the process from content creation by artists to making it available to users. It's now easier to bring more variety to content and opens the possibility to exclusive or scheduled content drops. This is also a step towards accepting content contributions from the community.

Exportable full-body avatars

We can now create full-body characters. Available for demo on https://fullbody.readyplayer.me. Would you like to use full body avatars in your partner space? Let us know!
Exported full-body characters come with a Mixamo compatible full body rig, including facial animation blend shapes like mouthOpen, mouthSmile, eyeBlinkLeft, eyeBlinkRight.

Wider skin tone range

We reduced the number of skin tone options but gave them a bigger impact.

User interface themes

We can now change the look of the user interface for individual partners.

More content

We added lots more hairstyles, beard options, shirts, and glasses to the customisation selection.

Other notable platform updates

Avatar export times are greatly reduced to about ~3-5 seconds. Asset colors are better represented across Ready Player Me and different game engines. Avatars are delivered via CDN for better performance.
Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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