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Mona Integrates Fast And Easy To Use Metaverse Avatar Creator

About Mona

Mona is the first web-based metaverse platform enabling any creator to build, mint, and sell virtual spaces. Founded in the summer of 2021, the company has received funding from Protocol Labs, ConsenSys, Flamingo DAO, Dialectic, and Polygon.

Exploring virtual spaces in Mona... with thousands of people

Spaces in Mona are 3D environments that can be minted as NFTs. An owner of a space can display their other NFTs in the 3D world and create portals to other spaces. Users can enter any virtual space directly from a web browser and explore it alone or with thousands.

When Mona launched, the only avatar option was the default Unity character. That's why the company decided to integrate Ready Player Me avatars: "[...] we needed a way to easily offer avatar customization for our users." – said Justin Melillo, Co-Founder & CEO of Mona.

The Neon City Streets by 78 Special & NeonGlitch86 with a Ready Player Me avatar wearing RTFKT’s Meta Jacket
The Neon City Streets by 78 Special & NeonGlitch86 with a Ready Player Me avatar wearing RTFKT's Meta Jacket

Creating Ready Player Me avatars directly in Mona

The Ready Player Me avatar creator is integrated directly into the interface of Mona. It means that users can customize their full-body avatars directly within the experience without leaving to an external website or app.

Users can take or upload a selfie to generate an avatar that looks just like them. Ready Player Me avatar creation is powered by a machine-learning algorithm based on a diverse set of over twenty thousand high-definition face scans.

"With Ready Player Me, Mona users immediately have access to a fast and easy to use system that allows them to have full control over their avatar customization."
The Ready Player Me avatar creator is embedded directly into the interface of Mona
The Ready Player Me avatar creator is embedded directly into the interface of Mona

Hundreds of customization options included

Ready Player Me features hundreds of avatar customization options, including wearables from brands like New Balance, RTFKT, Pull&Bear, and others. Developers integrating Ready Player Me get access to the assets library at no additional cost.

"We receive a lot of feedback from users who really enjoy having so many customization features and options to bring their digital identity into the Monaverse.

We really like that Ready Player Me also offers options for users to have access to wearable NFTs and the potential for user-generated content in the near future."
Opening of the RPM Sky Lounge by Faraz Mobin
Opening of the RPM Sky Lounge by Faraz Mobin

Cross-app digital identity for the metaverse

After creating an avatar in Mona, users can go to the Ready Player Me Hub and use their digital identity in apps and games from 1,800 developers. That includes the virtual worlds of VRChat, tools for content creators like LIV and Koji, and immersive meeting applications such as Immersed and MeetinVR.

When users import their avatar into a new experience, all customization options are preserved while the avatar's configuration is adjusted to the technical needs of the specific app. This makes every avatar on the Ready Player Me platform cross-app compatible.

Integrating Ready Player Me into Mona

Mona is a web experience based on Unity, which allowed them to use the Ready Player Me Avatar SDK for Unity. The company relied on our iframe integration to integrate the avatar creator directly into Mona's interface.

"We picked Ready Player Me because they offer the best solution and a fast, easy to integrate SDK. Their team is world-class and super helpful."

Add Ready Player Me avatars to your app or game

We spent seven years building a perfect 3D avatar system, so you don't have to. Ready Player Me avatars work on the web, mobile, and every platform that support Unity or Unreal Engine 4.

Join the growing list of over 3,000 Ready Player Me partners who integrate our avatars into their apps and games, including Animaze, Immersed, Spatial, and SideQuest.

Ready Player Me is free to use for users and developers. Become a Ready Player Me partner to use our avatars in your commercial app or game.