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Making Virtual Meetings More Real With Personal Avatars

We integrated our avatar creator with MeetinVR

One's true-to-life digital representation is an essential part of successful VR collaboration. Unlike in games where anonymous fictional avatars make sense, in contexts like business meetings using recognizable avatars helps people connect better and make the experience truly social. That's why we've teamed up with MeetinVR, one of the leading platforms for VR meetings, and brought personal avatars to virtual team meetings.

Despite many leaders stating that their team has become highly functional since they went remote this year, the reality is that many companies are struggling to reach pre-pandemic levels of productivity. Among other reasons is the fact that people, as social animals, miss the real human interaction that gives them a sense of belonging.

It's a challenge to make remote employees feel like a team when there are no real-life meetings or casual team hangouts in the office. As most of the work communication is now happening online, we're in need of solutions making virtual communication feel more natural.

Business meetings in VR

Multiple tools have been built to make people feel physically near one another online. Among others, MeetinVR.

The company was built back in 2016 to make VR business meetings better than real-life meetings. The company has collaborated closely with a number of Fortune 500 companies developing an intuitive, easy-to-use, and effective solution empowering remote collaboration.

MeetinVR enables activities that are impossible or very hard to do remotely such as presenting and reviewing products, brainstorming, sketching, mind-mapping, prototyping, and having team-building activities.

Making VR meetings more human

To level up the social aspect of the platform and boost the human connection, MeetinVR decided to add personal avatars to their platform and got in touch with us.

The feature that 90% of our customers ask first is personal avatars,"

<span class="text-style-quote-author>~ Francois Schumer, Head of Growth at MeetinVR.</span>

We believe that personal avatars are the future of our online identities. This is the stuff that we are working on at Wolf3D. Our product lets anyone create their avatar from a single selfie and transport it to any virtual platform the product is integrated with – including MeetinVR.

The collaboration with MeetinVR will not only help teams to have more effective and real work meetings but also allow them to hang out face-to-face while being physically apart.

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