Introducing Avatar Body Shape Customization

Ready Player Me Avatar Creator now offers body shape customization, giving users four options to choose from. Developers can opt-in to support body shapes in their apps and games in the Developer Studio starting today.

Giving users more ways to express themselves through their avatars is one of our top priorities. Last year, we added an option to mix and match outfit pieces. With today’s update, we are introducing body shape customization, making the avatar creation experience more inclusive.

When customizing your avatar’s body, you will now be able to choose from four different body shapes for each masculine and feminine body frame. We are also working on adding a neutral body frame soon.

You can try out body shape customization here.

Which avatar outfits support body shape customization?

To make body shape customization possible, we reviewed all of our assets. Then, we had them go through our new body shape customization pipeline to enable support for the three newly added body shapes.

Body shape customization is supported for most outfits available on Ready Player Me, including:

  • Full-body avatar outfits;
  • Individual outfit pieces (shirts, pants, shoes);
  • Individual outfit pieces created by developers using Asset Designer;
  • Custom outfits uploaded by developers using Asset Manager.

At the moment, Hero Characters and some unlockable outfits don’t support body shape customization.

Body shape customization in Avatar Creator

How to enable body shape customization in my app or game?

We did our best to ensure that our avatar outfits will look great with new body shape options. Still, there’s a chance for some custom outfits to have clipping issues and other deformations. To allow developers to test how the new body shapes will affect their custom content, body shape customization is an opt-in feature.

Custom content created using Asset Designer or uploaded with Asset Manager will be automatically refitted, so there are no extra steps you need to take on your end to support body shapes.

At launch, body shape customization is available only for full-body avatars. Support for the new fullbody-xr body type is coming soon.

When you’re ready to turn body shape customization on, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Log in to Developer Studio;
  2. Select your app in My Applications;
  3. In the Configuration tab, enable the Body Shape setting.
Body Shapes setting in Developer Studio

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