Important Security Alert: Beware of Impersonation Scams

Stay away from scammers impersonating Ready Player Me

We've always valued the trust and security of our partners and users. Today, we need to alert you to a critical security issue.

What's happening?

There's an ongoing scam involving the domains and, which are not affiliated with Ready Player Me. These fraudulent sites impersonate our CEO and our company to offer fake partnerships.

How does the scam work?

Scammers reach out via these domains, proposing a partnership. Just before a scheduled call, they send a new link for a VPN-enabled video call. Beware – clicking this link can compromise your computer's security.

Stay alert

Remember, our official domain is — this is the only domain we use for our official communications and email addresses. In limited cases, you may receive emails from our legacy domain,

Tips for safety:

  • Double-check email addresses: always verify the sender's email domain;
  • Avoid unknown links: never click on links from unverified sources;
  • Contact us directly: if in doubt, contact our support team directly.

Your action matters

By staying alert and informed, you can help us combat these fraudulent activities. Share this information with your network to spread awareness.