Get Started With Ready Player Me's Revamped Developer Docs

Ready Player Me grew from being just a web-based avatar creator to a complete avatar toolset for developers, featuring Avatar API, Unity SDK and Unreal SDK. Our Developer Docs needed a revamp to accommodate new features as we continue growing our platform.

Introducing Developer Docs v3

With today's release of the Developer Docs v3, we brought new life to our docs by making platform onboarding easier for new developers and making the overall structure more intuitive.

A new 4-step process will guide you through each phase of integrating Ready Player Me:

  1. Quickstart – loading an avatar into your app/game for the first time in under 10 mins
  2. Integrate – adding the Ready Player Me avatar creator into your application
  3. Optimize – making Ready Player Me work smoothly with your app
  4. Launch – releasing your app or game featuring Ready Player Me avatar creator to our existing users
4-step integration process for new Ready Player Me developers
A new 4-step integration process for new Ready Player Me developers

We also split existing articles into integration guides for specific platforms and API references for more technical documentation of Avatar models, SDKs, and APIs.

Last but definitely not least – Ready Player Me Developer Docs now use dark mode!

Become a Ready Player Me developer

6,000+ developers already use Ready Player Me, and we hope these changes will make the integration process easier for another 6,000. If you want to be one of them, sign up to become a developer partner.