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We Are Bringing CryptoPunks To The Metaverse As 3D Avatars

The CryptoPunks set the foundation for the thriving crypto art scene. They brought NFTs to the mainstream through countless media publications and celebrities who have their own CryptoPunks, like Jay-Z, Serena Wiliams, and Snoop Dogg. LarvaLabs' project has forever changed how we look at ownership of digital assets.

We want to give a tribute to the project that started it all. That's why we are releasing Ready Player Me Punks – our collection of 10,000 unique 3D avatars for the CryptoPunks NFTs owners.

We spent months perfecting the design and adding our own elements to make the whole collection even more unique. Attributes of the Punks 3D avatars are based on the OG CryptoPunks. Your avatar will have the same color scheme as your CryptoPunk. The avatars also feature unique badges with the Punk’s attributes.

Ready Player Me Punks give CryptoPunks a new utility – in the metaverse. Like every avatar on Ready Player Me, the Punks avatars are compatible with the growing number of apps and games on our platform. You can use your avatar to have a video call, record gameplay from a VR game, or hang out in the metaverse. In total, we are working with over 1,300 companies integrating our avatars into their apps and games.

Here are just a few places where you can use your Punks avatars:

  • Somnium Space – social, open, and persistent metaverse platform powered by blockchain
  • DogemonGo – find, capture, train and battle Dogemons in AR
  • Mona – beautiful social worlds for you to collect, show your art, and gather with others
  • Blind Chihuahua – immersive 3D concerts with avatars
  • Animaze – livestream and video chat as your avatar
  • LIV – share your VR experience as your avatar
  • Summit Scramble – the first immersive cross-platform web game
  • FlickPlay – the metaverse social app
  • Koji – supercharge your social link in bio
  • DeepMotion – create 3D animations with your avatar
  • Tivoli Cloud VR – social platform for virtual reality and desktop

Check out Ready Player Me Punks in action:

There are hundreds of apps and games coming later this year, including:

If you own CryptoPunks, you can buy the Ready Player Me Punks avatars now. The sale will last for a limited time. The minting price is 0.33 ETH.

After you get your Punks avatars, you can go to the avatar creator, sign in with your MetaMask wallet, and import the Punks 3D avatars to your Ready Player Me account.

Half of the revenue (including sales on the secondary market) will go to developers behind apps and games compatible with the Punks and other NFT-based assets. We are doing this to boost the growth of the metaverse and support our growing network of Partners using the Ready Player Me platform.

Visit the Ready Player Me Punks website to mint your avatar and learn more about the project.

If you want to see the Ready Player Me Punks in action, join us for a hangout in Mona on February 15th. We will be sharing more details on Twitter soon.

Ready Player Me and NFTs: Why and How?

We are excited to share the RPM Punks with you, and we can't wait to see Punks owners using their avatars in our Partner apps and games. We are working on other NFT projects that will be available to mint for everyone – follow us on Twitter or join our Discord to stay up-to-date.

Ready Player Me Punks are our first NFT project, but we want to keep Ready Player Me accessible to everyone. We will never be a priced-out, exclusive community only accessible to a few. Our goal is to build an avatar platform anyone can use across the metaverse. Creating an RPM avatar will remain free – forever.

NFT adoption will be a matter of choice – no Partners or users will be pushed to use them in one way or another. For those that opt-out of the NFT path, we will offer other types of virtual goods and monetization tools

We understand that there are many problems with how NFTs are implemented today. The speculation, high gas fees, the environmental impact, scams, etc. This is unfortunate, but we believe most of those problems will be solved as the market and technology mature.

Read a letter from our CEO Timmu explaining our approach to NFTs.

Ready Player Me is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Larva Labs, LLC, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. CRYPTOPUNKS as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners.