Ready Player Me & Rovio Talking About 3D Avatars and Virtual Identities For Games and Metaverses

Last week, our CEO Timmu Tõke was a guest on the Tomorrow with Rovio podcast. Ben Mattes, Studio Head at Rovio, talked with Timmu about avatars in games and beyond. Listen to the episode here.

3D avatars based on real-life identities and social games

Timmu and Ben started their conversation by talking about the role of avatars in games – both single and multiplayer. Story-driven games are like movies and you wouldn't necessarily want the main character to be yourself. But in multiplayer games, you want to create an extension of your identity, said Timmu.

Skins in online games like Fornite are the most dominant form of character customization. They play a practical role too – players with more advanced or expensive skins appear to be more skilled at the game. But most of these skins are limited when it comes to user customization, putting the virtual character far from the player’s real-life identity.

When you look at the strongest social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they are all based on real-life identities. With games becoming more social, the need for real-life identities in games is growing.

Games are becoming more social. [...] that creates a bigger need for better representation of our identities in the virtual worlds.
<span class="text-style-quote-author>~ Timmu Tõke, CEO of Ready Player Me</span>

Ready Player Me lets users create a 3D avatar based on a photo. Based on the type of application, 60-90% of people decide to create a character that looks like them. Avatars based on real-life identities are only going to get more important as more companies are working on metaverse-like games, experiences, and even tools for work.

Listen to the full episode to hear more about fashion brands investing in avatars and virtual worlds and more.

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