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Cross-Platform 3D Character Creator for Unreal Engine 4

The importance of the digital world is increasing with the arrival of different social media platforms, games, and e-commerce platforms. The Ready Player Me avatar platform lets you add a character designer to your platform of choice. It’s compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine 4, and all major platforms.

How 3D Avatars Are Created

Just a decade ago, 3D modeling and digital sculpting software was required to create 3D models. These software pieces were very expensive and they used to take a lot of time to create 3D models. It used to take more than 24 hours to create 3D avatars of anyone by using these software pieces.

Implementing Ready Player Me is simple. It took one to two days for most of our partners to integrate our 3D character design tool into their products saving them months of development time. It's no different with our UE4 avatar SDK.

Unity SDK Character Creator

Unity is the most popular engine supported by the Ready Player Me 3D character. You can use our avatars on all platforms supported by Unity.

Unity SDK Character Creator

Unity is the most popular engine supported by the Ready Player Me 3D character. You can use our avatars on all platforms supported by Unity.

Ready Player Me for Web Apps

You can integrate the Ready Player Me character creator in your web application. Ready Player Me is free to use for developers and works with every experience based on WebGL, Three.js, and Unity.

Ready Player Me for iOS Apps

If you have an iOS app and need a 3D character creator, you can use Ready Player Me to enable your users to accurately create 3D representations of themselves to use within your app.

Ready Player Me for Android Apps

Integrate the Ready Player Me avatar system in your Android application to use your very own 3D character creator.

Let Your Users Show Their Personality Online

Just like the real world, people love to be unique. We scanned more than 20,000 people and collected a massive database of high-quality face scans in the process, giving your users hundreds of different options.

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Why Ready Player Me

The easiest way to add cross-platform 3D avatars to your app or game.

Focus on what matters

We spent seven years building a perfect avatar system, so you don't have to.

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Generate additional revenue by selling premium avatar assets and skins to your users.

Promote your product

Get listed on the Ready Player Me marketplace to drive more traffic to your product.

Here's what
developers say

We’re excited to work with Ready Player Me to help make avatar creation easier and more accessible for everyone in the VRChat universe!

Graham Gaylor,

Co-Founder & CEO of VRChat

We decided to use personal avatar technology to enable people to use our platform to work in virtual worlds […]. It’s been fantastic to work with Wolf3D. They are super responsive, highly skilled, and have the best product in the market.

Philip Rosedale,

CEO at HIGH FIDELITY, Founder of Second Life

The Wolf3D team has been a solid partner throughout our entire process and always strived to work hand-and-hand with my team to tackle any issue as it arose to ensure a smooth pipeline.

David Sapienza,

Studio Head at HTC’s Vive Studios

At LIV, we are passionate about giving our creators more ways to express themselves, and RPM has enabled us to roll out user-generated avatars at the press of a button. The integration was straightforward and the team is a breeze to work with — highly recommend!

AJ ‘Dr Doom’ Shewki,

Founder & CEO at LIV

Wolf3D’s willingness to help just shows how much they care about partners. Their help has been second to none. I’m excited to brag about Ready Player Me going forward.

Ryan Feldman,

Senior Unity Developer at Immersed

One-Stop-Shop For Your Avatar Needs

A full set of animation technologies waiting for your move.

How Does It Work?

Ready Player Me is built by Wolf3D. We’ve developed a patented AI technology for predicting realistic face shapes from a single 2D photo.

Our tech is built using a proprietary database of 20,000 realistic face scans, all captured with our own professional 3D scanners.

About Wolf3D

Use in 770+ apps and games on VR, mobile, desktop, and web.

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The easiest way to add cross-platform 3D avatars to your app or game.

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