(UPDATE) Introducing Avatar Creator 2.0: Streamlined & Rebuilt for Performance

Avatar Creator 2.0, rolling out to the first partners today, brings a streamlined avatar creation experience with fewer steps, improved loading times and stability thanks to the Avatar API.

UPDATE: Avatar Creator 2.0 is now live for all apps and games using the Ready Player Me Avatar Creator.

At Ready Player Me, we strive to provide game developers with the best avatar system, saving you valuable time and resources and making the avatar creation user experience as smooth as possible. Today, we are introducing the Avatar Creator 2.0, bringing a new streamlined experience for users, visual enhancements to the avatar rendering, and improved performance with faster loading times and increased stability. 

Streamlined Avatar Creator Experience

The new Avatar Creator takes you directly to the avatar creation process, letting you personalize your avatar right away. You no longer need to pre-define the avatar’s body type or take a selfie to get started. These options are now available in the Avatar Creator itself. You can also use the new “Random avatar” button to quickly change the appearance of your avatar, allowing you to jump into your favorite game faster.

Avatar Creator Rebuilt For Performance

Powered by our Avatar API, Avatar Creator 2.0 brings major performance improvements. The creator loads and renders avatars instantaneously. Changes to the avatar’s appearance are applied immediately as well. And the overall experience is more stable, even on devices with lower memory resources.

The avatars now look better too! We changed the camera angle, improved the lighting, and added enhancements to rendering. 

The New Avatar Creator Standard

Avatar Creator 2.0 is now available to all partners. For more details on the changes, visit the Developer Docs.

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